How does Speedchecker Work?
Speedchecker downloads a specific file of known size to your computer and determines how long it takes to download it. The file consists of random data of a known size and the file used for each specific speed check is determined by the type and speed of the connection to ensure accurate results. Upload speeds are testen in a similar way.
How long does the test take?
The test takes around 20 seconds.
How accurate is Broadband Speedchecker?

Speedchecker produces very accurate results. However, you will see a variation in recorded speeds depending on the following:

  • Other programs or applications accessing the Internet during the test (see FAQ "What should I do to get the most accurate result?")
  • Reduced speed of service from your Internet Service Provider. Your ISP shares the available bandwidth between all of its clients and this can often result in a reduction in speed at peak times.
  • If your computer is over-loaded (running too many programs). Restart your computer and test your speed before you open any other programs.
  • If you are testing over a WiFi connection then you will get more consistent results if you are close to the WiFi router and have no other devices conneccted t the WiFi
What should I do to get the most accurate result?

You should close or disable any program or application that is using the Internet.

  • Close all Internet Browsers and tabs except for the one being used by Broadband Speedchecker
  • Close all email programs
  • Stop any live streaming of music or video
  • Stop any downloads
  • Wait for program and Windows updates to complete
  • Remember to check other devices (including Smart TVs and mobile phones) that are connected to the Internet
Why does the Speed Test not complete correctly?
The most likely causes of incomplete speed tests are caused by Firewalls or Anti-virus program problems. Try temporarily disabling the Firewall or Anti-virus program and try again. Remember to enable them after.